Sheojuk Etidlooie (1932 - 2003)

Sheojuk Etidlooie   Narwhal Gallery: Sheojuk Etidlooie - Longboat

Longboat (Ummiatkuta), 1997
Stonecut, approx. 24 x 32 inches (HxW), Cape Dorset

Sheojuk was born in 1932 in an outpost camp near the present-day settlement of Cape Dorset. During discussions she described herself as an old woman who does not recall her exact date of birth. She is the daughter of Aashuyuliak and Shuvega, and she was raised in the traditional Inuit manner in camps on southern Baffin Island. She arrived as an artist late in life, developing a short but brilliant career as a graphic artist in Cape Dorset during the 1990s. She always knew that she could draw and had developed a unique sense of colour and design from years of sewing traditional patterned clothing.

She began making works on paper in earnest in late 1992. In 1994, one of her images was selected for inclusion in the Cape Dorset Annual Print Release which featured her on the front cover on no less than three occasions including the 1997 image entitled 'Longboat'; the edition sold out within days of its release, and she was included in each subsequent annual print collection until 1999 after which her health deteriorated rapidly until sadly she recently passed away.

She also participated in an oil-stick painting workshop in 1999, resulting in an experimental series of brilliantly coloured oil stick paintings on board, and also used crayons prolifically, spending much of her latter years drawing. Any surface was used and she retained this naivety bringing it to original drawing works such as 4 Bear Heads, where it is clear that as she drew the paper was resting on corrugated cardboard!

Her work is no longer available on the primary market or through cooperatives, but is seen increasingly in the auction market and the Narwhal Inuit Art Gallery are delighted to be able to show many examples of her work.